Professional Counseling

"What do I say to my children and when do I say it?"

When you receive a cancer diagnosis, one of your first thoughts as a parent is about your children - what to say, or even whether to say anything at all. What is the age-appropriate message to give them, in how much detail, and when? As a parent you may feel helpless.

The goal of Lauren's Light is to enable you and your family to gain access to a professional counselor experienced in these types of child-related issues. The counselor may provide guidance and help you and your children prepare for the ups and downs of living with cancer. Lauren's Light can arrange, at its expense, sessions with a counselor in order to prepare, educate and empower you to guide and support your children.

"We need someone to talk to, in addition to family members and friends, who can offer support and guidance."

A person impacted by cancer may try to share feelings and fears with a spouse or partner, other family members and friends. However, talking with a professional counselor trained to help people through this type of emotional crisis can also be very helpful.

Lauren's Light can arrange, at its expense, sessions with a professional counselor for you and, if requested, for your spouse or partner, and you may meet with the counselor individually or as a couple. The counselor is experienced in working with adults living with cancer and their families, and may offer some of the support and guidance needed.

Educational Resources and Research

"What does my diagnosis mean and what are my treatment options?"

Knowledge about your specific diagnosis and treatment options can enable you and your family to have in-depth discussions with physicians about the diagnosis and treatment protocols. This not only can allow you to participate in your course of treatment, but also will help you to feel as comfortable as possible with your decisions.

The goal of Lauren's Light is to help expedite access to useful information that you and your family may not otherwise have the time or resources to obtain. We can help you obtain general information applicable to all types of cancer; educational materials tied specifically to your diagnosis; information on conventional, experimental and alternative treatment options specific to your diagnosis; and relevant information on current Clinical Trials. This information is designed to supplement the information provided by your physicians and in no way is intended to replace the paramount role of your Oncology Team.


Additional Supportive Services

"Where can my family get help with other resources that we need?"

We understand that families in this situation are in need of additional supportive services. If you are in search of additional support and/or resources please do not hesitate to contact us or check our website, as Lauren's Light is always in the process of adding additional services.

Lauren's Light is currently providing these services in South Florida.

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