Lauren's Legacy

From the day she was born, Lauren was "a wise old soul" - experienced by those who knew her as particularly compassionate, intelligent, loyal, and yet humble.  She always had a "light," an aura which permeated everything and everyone around her, profoundly uplifting the lives of all who were blessed enough to meet her.

Through her love and devotion to her husband, her children and the rest of her family, Lauren gave them richness, fullness and harmony.  Lauren's love for her children, and her strength, courage and capacity to sacrifice for them, was beyond what was thought possible.  Lauren had a limitless reservoir of love and selfless commitment for her friends, and she was deeply loved by them.

Lauren's fight with cancer, which began when the disease was discovered during the delivery of her second child, was a tiny portion of her 33 years of life.  Yet it contains some of her greatest lessons for us.  Through her heart, words and actions, Lauren proved that it is possible, even in the face of emotional and physical suffering beyond anything most people can comprehend, to retain one's essence.  Lauren never once lost her essence - her love, her generosity, her hope, her inner beauty and her humor.